You Deserve Support

Therapeutic techniques used:

Therapy can be a space to examine your life with clarity and intention, and to reaffirm your most essential values. We all have a tendency to fixate on the negative aspects of our experiences. We'll collaborate to shift your focus, highlight the positive experiences, and gradually heal the deeper hurts.

Our social environments, whether that be the workplace, school, family, or community can have deep impacts on our mental health. Workplace trauma has increased over the last few years, especially for those in the helping professions.

Trauma can be treated without having to share all the details of what happened. You can decide which pieces of your story you'd like to share. Together we can understand how your present experiences are influenced by the past, improve coping skills, and rebuild the emotional strength you need to continue.

Finding the Right Therapist

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I encourage people to shop around to find the best fit. Your therapist should be able to tune in to your feelings, sense of humor, and comfort level with certain topics. If we're a match, we will use our relationship to co-create your course of treatment so we can go deeper and get to the root of what's going on. I will give direct feedback — but will also respect your limits, and be attentive to how we can best work together.

Sound good? I am eager to get to know you and to support your growth.